GK launches next gen wearable in UK

GK makes its U.K. debut at the Wearable Technology Show in London.

GK made its U.K. debut at the Wearable Technology Show (WTS) in London. WTS is the largest European event showcasing the newest innovations across wearables, virtual & augmented reality and digital health. This year’s show featured more than 200 expert speakers sharing insights on emerging trends and 300 exhibitors presenting innovations set to usher in the new age of technology.

Overwhelmingly, the show underscored how pervasive wearables have become in everyday life. The category is no longer just driven by smart watches and fitness trackers but also new entrants like jewelry-enabled contactless payments and safety monitors for first-responders. By 2022, Forbes predicts that sales of global smart wearable devices will double, reaching more than $27 billion, with sales reaching 233 million units.

Guided Knowledge’s WTS exhibit was in the Innovation Zone, an area designated for start-ups showcasing brand new wearable concepts. This positioned us well for the U.K. debut of the GK Motion System. At the most simplistic level, our sensor-based technology sees you in-action, assesses your skill performance, provides real-time feedback and tracks your development trajectory. By linking proven technologies and reengineering them to work faster and more efficiently, GK has been able to pioneer digital coaching.

GK’s first product to market caters to professional golfers and their coaches. It provides a competitive advantage by delivering an unprecedented 360-degree view of the player’s swing signature – giving coach and player the power to capture, dissect and analyze skill performance, anytime, anywhere.

However the GK Motion System has been purposely designed to be applied to numerous sports like running, tennis, baseball and skiing as well as adapt other categories like health, wellness, industrial, workplace, performing arts and many others.

“The GK Motion System makes 3D technology mobile and accessible. We already know that the golf industry is hungry to embrace this cutting-edge digital coaching technology. Feedback from the show’s attendees validates that the rest of the world is too,” says Trine Hindklev, GK’s CMO. “In the future we see physiotherapists and their patients using the GK Motion System to collaborate and provide real-time feedback — anytime, anywhere to deliver optimum results.”

We are already thinking to the future. Whether learning a new skill or mastering an art, GK offer people an objective way to measure their performance and progress so it’s easier to improve.