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Player Dashboard

Each player has their own dashboard where they can track their progress on 


Coach Discoveries Completed

  • Automatically know if your coach has assigned you a swing discovery

Coach Tasks Completed

  • See how many coach tasks you have completed 

Player Discoveries

  • Take a look at how many different discoveries you have conducted on your own swing


Remote Collaboration

No longer do you have to rely on your local coach to help you improve your game. Now you can collaborate with any coach in the world.


Data Sharing

  • Choose who gets to see your data and share swing mechanics instantly 

Virtual Training Sessions

  • DF remote coaching ability allows you to conduct virtual training sessions where your coach can see your 3D Avatar remotely

Task Assignment

  • Get coach tasks assigned remotely and complete them anywhere you want, in the yard, on the range, on the course!


Real-Time Feedback

With the Dragonfly Smart Suit you will know exactly how you did at achieving a swing metric target set by your coach. 


Set Multiple Targets

  • You can set up to three metrics of focus and each will show color coded feedback immediately after a swing is recorded

Full Swing Speed Feedback

  • Now you can get biofeedback in full speed so you know the difference in feel between a swing that had the proper outcomes and one that did not


Track Improvements

Improving your golf swing doesn’t stop after a single task training session. Allow tasks to advance through updating of customizable thresholds to achieve a desired body position and watch a player improve their swing over time


Custom Thresholds

  • Identify an initial baseline and desired change in shot mechanics and utilize this data to establish thresholds for improving specific metrics

Session Tracking

  • Watch a players consistency improve overtime with session tracking and comparison


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