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Convert routine lessons into winning golf instruction

The Dragonfly Golf Coach app is a dashboard designed for coaches to review, analyse and monitor their players’ performance as well as communicate coaching instruction. For the first time, coaches and players can collaborate anytime, anywhere, in-person or remotely, using 3D technology.

The system reveals measureable insights into the player’s golf performance that cannot be seen with the naked eye or on video.  The Dragonfly Golf Coach App provides access to players’ metrics and customized 360° view avatars in real-time. 

Coaches Dashboard

Each coach will have a unique, customizable dashboard which holds a database of swings for each golfer. 


Individual Accounts for Each Golfer

  • Swings are stored in each golfers profile 

Notifications for completed tasks

  • Know when a golfer has completed their assigned tasks, or how many times they have practiced since your last session

Access swing data for all golfers

  • One convenient location for your coach to access any of their players

Customized Data Filters to 

  • Choose the amount and type of data you want to see for any given swing


Create Customizable Programs

Within each golfers' database, the Coach has the ability to evaluate swing mechanics and assign training tasks using a variety of techniques within the application. 


Swing Discoveries

  • Allow you to collect swing mechanics on any shot type with any club

Custom Tasks 

  • Set metrics to focus on and desired thresholds for success for focused training with real-time feedback for the player

Color Coded Data Outcomes

  • Access completed tasks and review color coded data outcomes to evaluate task success

Session Comparisons 

  • Look at consistency across a single session or multiple sessions to evaluate a golfer’s progress over-time


Data Visualization Toolbox

Coaches have access to a toolbox of data visualization techniques that will be essential for helping your golfers understand their movement patterns and how they differ.


Player Shot Rankings

  • Allow players to tag their shots as Good or Bad for comparison

Avatar in 360 Degrees

  • No longer are you reliant on down the line or face on views. Now you can look at every single swing from any angle which allows you to see the golf swing in a different light. 

Segment Traces

  • Provide club and hand traces to understand path and plane

Segment Lines

  • Visualize different body segments with lines through the feet, knees, pelvis, torso, spine and more

Club Only

  • Remove the Avatar and show differences in club position between swings


Powerful Swing Comparisons

Not only do we have a unique toolbox of data visualizations, but we also provide the coach the ability to compare different shots within or between sessions. 


Side by Side

  • Access the side by side comparison to view differences in both the data and avatar in unique time or aligned swings

Avatar Overlay

  • Overlay two shots to visualize differences in body positions and show the golfer exactly what they did differently

Good vs Bad Comparisons

  • Help the player identify changes in swing mechanics between these differently tagged shots.


Progress Tracking

Training a golfer doesn’t just stop at a single task session. Allow tasks to advance through updating of customizable thresholds to achieve a desired body position and watch a player improve their swing over time


Custom Thresholds

  • Identify an initial baseline and desired change in shot mechanics and utilize this data to establish thresholds for improving specific metrics

Session Tracking

  • Watch a player's consistency improve overtime with session tracking and comparison


Learn 3D golf analysis to upgrade your coaching tuition

Never used 3D golf analysis technology before? 

We offer a simple, comprehensive on-boarding program for coaches to easily use the Dragonfly Golf system with players.

Currently, the Dragonfly Golf system is designed for professional and elite amateur golfers plus those who want to train like the pros.

Get in touch to learn how to convert hourly lessons into a winning training strategy.

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