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Dragonfly golf is a fully body smart suit 3D motion capture system currently used by elite golfers to measure and analyze every aspect of their golf swing. Our award-winning technology is the first of its kind to move 3D motion capture out of the lab setting allowing golfers of all skill levels to measure their motion at any practice facility (indoor or outdoor) or on the course.


Dragonfly’s unique cloud based data sharing allows anyone to use the system for in-person training with their coach as well as remote training with a coach anywhere in the world in real-time.

Turn Theory Into Data

Use the most accurate 3D data to provide insights into your golf swing analysis and improve the efficiency of your swing improvements through


Measuring in Real Golf Scenarios

  • No more measuring in a lab or on a simulator. The Dragonfly Smart Suit can get you accurate 3D measurements anywhere on the course or in the practice facility. 

Swing Comparisons

  • Compare any two swings you want using side by side or avatar overlays to see the differences in swing mechanics.

Visual Cues

  • Use enhanced visual cues to see where swing faults exist in real time during training.


Compare Swing Conditions

There is no longer a need to collect 3D data inside strapped into some system like you’re making a movie. With Dragonfly you have the ability to collect data anywhere throughout the practice facility 


Practice Facilities

  • You can get accurate 3D swing data in any indoor bay, outdoor driving range or practice facility. 

On the Course

  • This is the only system in the world where you can collect 3D swing mechanics anywhere on the course.

Enhance Your Game

Dragonfly is the only product on the market that can deliver this unique experience and allow you to reach your full potential on the course.  


Enhance your reach as a coach

  • This system allows coaches to train any golfer in the world through remote training. 

Improve your training efficiency

  • Track training progress and monitor improvements to improve the effectiveness of your training.

Learn Faster & Train Smarter

Training smarter using 3D data has helped golfers make lasting improvements to their game. Track your progress and know your results!


Real-time data visualization

  • No need to wait for hours, days, or weeks to review your swing data. Cloud sharing allows golfers and coaches to view their data in real-time. 

Swing history tracking

  • Monitor swings over the course of an individual session or multiple sessions

Consistency metrics for training

  • See consistency in the ability to maintain or achieve desired changes to up to three metrics simultaneously

Set baseline thresholds

  • Create thresholds to achieve swing improvements that are completely individualized and not reliant on professional data.


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