GK officially launches Dragonfly Golf brand

Our brand identity realizes the exciting promise of our state-of-the-art, next generation wearable technology for golf pros, uber-enthusiasts and coaches.

We are excited to officially launch the Dragonfly Golf powered by Guided Knowledge brand. Five years in the making, the Dragonfly Golf system is a pioneering 18-sensor smart suit and digital coaching app that offers golf professionals the benefits of 3D technology to improve their game, anytime and anywhere. Today our brand identity realizes the exciting promise of our state-of-the-art, next generation wearable technology for golf pros, uber-enthusiasts and coaches. 

“Our ambition is to build Dragonfly Golf into an iconic brand that captures the golf and sports industries’ attention globally, signaling a new era in the high-performance sports technology arena,” says Trine Hindklev, Chief Marketing Officer for Guided Knowledge. “In golf, marginal gains are no longer an advantage but the difference between winning and anonymity. Dragonfly Golf powered by Guided Knowledge is changing the way golfers improve their game and gain a competitive advantage.” 

Dragonfly Golf delivers performance data to help players and coaches truly understand the player’s unique swing signature. The groundbreaking 3D technology translates a host of previously invisible data into practical yet powerful insights via hundreds of performance metrics, 360-degree visibility and instant feedback via the player’s and coach’s smartphone. It offers a revolutionary way to generate and tap your own big data for gains on the greens. 

The Dragonfly Golf powered by Guided Knowledge Brand 

Our brand name is inspired by the iconic and agile dragonfly, which is symbolic of transformation. The dragonfly has 30,000 facets in huge compound eyes and is the only species on earth with a seamless, 360-degree view built from infinite metrics and data. The Dragonfly Golf system delivers an exciting brand-new, 360-degree view of skill performance for golf. Now for the first time players and coaches have the ability to capture, measure and analyze swings in real time, anytime and anywhere. 

We teamed up with sports branding specialists 20.20, a London-based strategic brand agency, to define and create a new compelling, dynamic identity with global resonance for the golf product. 

“When we were approached by Guided Knowledge to help them define their golf brand, we knew we were dealing with a true game-changer. The scope and potential of the insight that the Dragonfly tech brings to players and their coaching teams, is enormous. Our job was to bring a focus, so the elite audience could understand the sheer value in the critical gains the technology brings, “ says Michael Artis, Director of Strategy & Development at 20.20. “It was a pleasure to be a pivotal part of their team during the creation of Dragonfly – a sure-fire iconic sports brand of the future” 

The Dragonfly Golf Brand Film 

Our brand film brings to life a professional golfer’s emotional and physical journey to better understand their skill performance. 

“The Dragonfly Golf brand film taps into universally relatable emotions and experiences of a pro golfer striving to improve but with a twist – it offers a glimpse into how our invaluable performance metrics and feedback can make all the difference to his game,” says Hindklev. “Dragonfly Golf offers serious golfers the competitive insights to play their best possible game by training smarter, not harder.” 

Guided Knowledge joined forces with G2Films, an award winning film production agency, to produce the film. 

“Our plan was to create a balance between telling the Dragonfly Golf story, creating empathy with the golfer striving to be the best and at the same time, developing a narrative which would engage and inspire viewers,” said Martin Wise, Producer at G2Films. 

The Dragonfly Golf system is the Official Wearable 3D Motion System for the IMG Academy Golf Program, which kindly hosted the three-day film shoot on its campus in Bradenton, Florida.